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Sunlife Pension Insurance without Bonus-03

Sunlifesun Pension Insurance

Sun Life
Assurance Bangladesh operate a project of economic security old man. Whose name is pension insurance. This is very good and reliable insurance project for the human body
Premium build process: annual and interim.

Age limit: Age at the time of inward in the political agreement of smaller quantities of 18. over 55 years. But age at the time of sequestration itself. minimum 45 years. over 65 years.
Size of the Somme exposure secure insurance: 10 times the entire annual income.
faction of the objective: Every man engaged in any occupation. Any woman engaged in the line of work (I) Doctor (ii) engineering, (iii) any vessel of service.

Exposure to risk of death: The death of the insured prior to the board opening. the candidate of the insured will receive 10 times the total annual income.
Time to retire: 10 years. The death of the insured after the commencement of the retirement phase and is surrounded by launching 10 years of retirement, the candidate of the insured shall be entitled to obtain the amount of pension for the rest of the day or from the death of the contractor until the conclusion of 10 years of pension time, If the holder of the policy to remain alive after 10 years behind achieving the pension will not stop until death.
capitulate and Credit: The tenant to be able to benefit from the sale and the competence of the loan.

income tax refund: According to tax regulations back in 1984 the amount of the premium paid in any year of assessment qualifies as allocation of risk and also the amount of pension is exempt from tax.

For example a model
The old become of Mr. X is 35 years. He drew 1k to find. 5000 / - per month as a pension after completion of 50 years of age.
(I) What will be the annual premium.
(Ii) What will be the death of death f state in the case of retirement ahead of instigation
per month is Tk. 5.000 /
annual pension is 5.0001 to 12 x 1k. 60,000 / -
Tk.1 annual bonus, pension 000/-annual as a graphic in the contribution rate by # 3 is 1k. 491.30. Thus, islk annual premium. (491.30 x 60 000) / 1000 29 478 / - to 1k annual pension. 60,000)
deaths attributed to state the candidate of the insured annual pension x 10 = 60,000 / - 10 x 6,00,000 / - Annual premium rate table for 1k. 1000 total guaranteed based on age of the policyholder

Sunlife Insurance BD Project-02

Lifesun Insurance

Sunlife Insurance has different types of project life. Insurance provided with legacy ball's distinctiveness, the advantage and the details of the plan is also under:

Method of Premium: Annual / biannual.
amount of total insured or policy: the lowest amount: 30.0001 - the highest: UN Limited
sentence / period of the policy: 10.15, 20, 25. 30 years. Permanent earnings by Tk. 1000 / - is tk. 20, 30, 40, 50, & 60 to 10, 15.20, 25 and 30 years long-term policies accordingly. revenue will be allocated after the prime of life just.
Exposure to risk and benefit: risk of death of the policyholder is attached. The amount of death to report allocated to members of the family unit / party candidate of the holder of the contract is equal to the total Assured After the conditions of the policy, if the contractor left behind will be allowed to live adult of the same amount to the amount provided with additional benefits infallible.

awarded in place of redemption and advance: The contractor may receive paid, and to provide in the lending capacity, carry on after two years.
Age limit: when the time came to agreement on policy small amount over 18 years 55 years
income tax refund: when profits tax by the order of 1984 the amount of the bonus awarded in any year of assessment is acceptable that the allocation of risk and also the amount of pension is exempt from excise.

Sunlife Insurance BD Project Ekok Bima-01

Sunlife Single Insurance

Sunlife Assurance of Bangladesh Description of the Child Advocacy Child Insurance Insurance With the added benefit
Customer goal: the child with his parents. The Father will give you the premium in the non-participation of a parent will give the bonus that allows for its ability to repay. Age limit: children in the range of 6 months to 15 years but the age at adulthood not to be beyond 30 years. Age of the premium application: Minimum 20 years and over 55 years. Total Guarantee: Minimum 20 000 tk more: UN Limited
Simple risk coverage insurance
The risk of death of children in collaboration with the person of premiums which is also the parent are closed.
• the death of the premium payer (which is a parent)
• have a rest from all premium payments will be exempt.
• A quantity of the same 1% of total collateral will be paid as a monthly allowance for children up to adulthood.
• If the child dies every stage through income, cash compensation will be closed, but the amount of adulthood with bonus will be paid to the dependent participant / successor to the insured.
• If the child and the paying of bonuses to stay alive until adulthood of the policy of the total amount of trust will be paid with an additional benefit.

If the child dies before the maturity amount of the claim will be paid as under.
amount claimed
out of bed at 6 months 25% of total collateral
on top of six months but less than 12 months 50% of total collateral
more than 12 months but less than 24 months 75% of total collateral
than 24 months total guaranteed

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Sun Life Insurance company Project Idea

life Insurance Sun Company project Idea

We know that what is life insurance . Life Insurance means A economic security and safety of human body. Such as Health insurance ,Children insurance, Education insurance, Pension insurance and life insurance. Sun life insurance company all ready operate of the project successfully.

Dear visitor at first we know about sunlife insurance company and their project profile introduce. next we explain their project details serially day by day.

Health insurance mean economic security of your Health. If you take health related policy you will get fully health related economic support of policy time.

Children insurance mean if you take a policy of children insurance , then the company is liable of the time period of this project of your children before death or after death.

If you now detail project profile of advantages visit sunlife company web site

Sun Life Insurance company Introduction

Introduce life Incurrence Sun company

Sun life Insurance company is approved by the government of the people Republic of Bangladesh. life Insurance Sun is the symbol of life economic safety and security. This company established by kernel late M.A Malek. Who was ex mayor of Dhaka city corporation.

At present the chairman of this company Well known industrialist and politician Alhaz Zahid Malek. Now he is the member of Bangladesh parliament. Vice Chairman of this company Rubina Hamid. He is professor of Dhaka university under management department. Managing director of sunlife incurrence company Alhaz Mufti Mawlana M.A Aziz.

Company used modern computer technology , which is capable to supply any information of sun life incurrence demand of their customer.

Company address :
Sun Life Incurrence company limited
Head office: BTA Tower(11th floor),
29 Kamal atartuk avenue
Road no-17
Banani, Dhaka-1213
Phone-88029887511, 88029892983, 8808810524