Saturday, December 10, 2011

Introduction Jibon Bima Corporation

Life Insurance Company

Jiban Bima Corporation, The (JBC) is the only state-owned life insurance in Bangladesh, which continues its maiden voyage on May 14.1973 with the resources and liabilities mean TK. 15.70000000000 rupees (157 million) of the 37 life insurance companies redundant. into account the fact that its beginning, JBC operates surrounded by the people of Bangladesh, with two main objectives: first, to cover the risks and tackle the public behavior between reserves and secondly, to generate resources for the economic growth of country by the side of pioneer life insurance schemes.

Meanwhile, the life support Jiban Bima Corporation gunshot up to TK. 988.35 billion rupees (9.9 billion), up to the year 2008, which was only TK. 21.83 billion rupees (218.3 million) in 1973. JBC has paid TK. 1.5809 trillion rupees (15.81 billion), adjacent to a series of claims, the maximum expenditure in this area of the country's life insurance. Speculation has reached JBC TK. 909.1 billion rupees (9.10 billion) from only TK. 19.7 billion rupees (197 million) in 1973. The JBC is the system of all major above the surface of the state with 6, 10 zonal offices and 365 sales 64.


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