Sunday, November 6, 2011

American life insurance Company Global

About Alico Company Global

Do you know about the insurance company American life. If you want to about Alico you can share with the site and I promise I will time to time informating Serv.

Alico Life is a member of MetLife, Inc., a major contributor to global insurance programs and workers' party. all the way through its subsidiaries and affiliates, MetLife serves 90 million additional customers in the region of the globe.

Alico offer a full range of Life, Accident and Health Insurance harvest to consumers from individuals to large companies and international limited. This person, group, and the products Consumer credit is easier to recover from the economic failure due to death, disability, accident, illness, and paste the service. moreover, it reserves creature and harvesting of Retirement to help customers save money for the building, retirement, or other economic objectives. Harvest of the company are accessible to agents first last, brokers and economic institutions and directly to the customer.

Earth boss

company has proven to be a leading international life insurance during the night, but there is the common heritage spans more than 200 years. In accumulation to be the largest life insurer in the United States and Mexico, MetLife is now a major competitor in Japan, has advantageous positions in Europe and is in a place among the top five in many of high-growth markets of middle and eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

our values

Alico is presumptuous of our birthright of inalienable promise to serve customers there to achieve their economic goals. faith, foresight, innovation, honesty and customer orientation are different from the corporation that helped fill the head of the family market, make money expansion, and the ability to pull on local talent and allow people to carry the maximum level.
All the best to you and if you need life insurance, you can contact your local office or Alico.

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