Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sunlife insurance Five payments Endownment

Life insurance sun lifeinsurances

Compilation method Premium: annual / half yearly basis.
Deadline / period of the plan: years 15, 20, 25 and 30.
Age at the time of entering into politics, at least 18 years. Maximum 55 years.
Total insured / insurance minimum size of the shelter: 20,000. Maximum: One Limited.
Paid, and loan repayment: The holder can enjoy paid plan, and capacity to lend, following the lead of two lives.
Stop there advantage: The contractor will be acceptable to obtain survival benefit as follows
(A) 10% of total guaranteed 1/5th of the time after the completion of the language.
(B) 15% if the total guaranteed 2/5th of the time after the completion of the language.
(C) 20% of total secured after completion of 3 / S'h time language.
(D) 25% of total secured after completion of 4 / 5 hour of the language.
(E) Rest 30% of total Assured plus accrued bonuses will be paid after adulthood.
coverage of the threats and benefit: risk of policyholders are enclosed in mourning. The amount of death claim paid to family members / candidate of the Contracting Party is equal to the sum assured with the added benefit. After running out of terms of the policy, the insured amount will be the same maturity of a number of additional benefit with Assured.
profits tax refund: How to order 1984 income tax amount of the premium paid in a year is eligible for the evaluation of speculation as well as a bonus the amount of pension is exempt tax. smooth if the insured dies after allowance holders of survival of the candidate of the contractor shall be entitled to the full amount insured with some additional benefit.

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