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Alico DPS Super Insurance

Dps Insurance

Life insurance is very necessary in our life now a day. Life is very risky. And life insurance protects your financial life. Alico is that M, which provides insurance coverage
Standard reserves and defense industry will build your fantasies come exactly
while a rational and responsible human being, you should be looking for the best probable opportunities to increase your well-earned currency.

A superior economic plan for you might be the accumulation of your currency with practical resources and provide defense for you and your family against reservations. If you are looking for such an arrangement, MetLife Alico's DPS Super propose to you the result!
Alico Alico Life is DPS Super is an investment and defense plan that offers a fantastic adult life value and significant unintended advantage.
Politics impression:
You could choose your preparation from the following 3 options:
Plan Features
DPS Super - Gold adulthood Value + Life Cover + Accident Coverage + serious illness & Waiver of Premium payment
DPS Super - Silver adulthood Value + Life + Accident exposure exposure
DPS Super - Bronze adulthood Value + Accident exposure

1 - Super DPS - Gold Level
This preparation gives you an opportunity -
• beautiful adulthood Value to gather your monetary planning requirements.
• Life insurance exposure comparable with politics Face amount (functions
volume is clear as DPS Super annual premium times the plan period)
• binary edge because of unplanned Death (AD) and the random term & total Disability (PTD), which resulted in a total coverage of 3 times the amount of curling in a container of AD. In case of accidental Dismemberment the additional unintended benefit can achieve up to 2 times the Face amount depending on the category and degree of insertion
• swelling sum refund equal to 100% or 50% of the Face amount in case of analysis of 8 serious illness.
• Repeal of quality in case of persistent total disability due to accident or illness during Family defense proviso - Handicap
2 - DPS Super - Black Politics
This policy gives you a chance -
• beautiful adulthood Deposit to meet your financial preparation requirements
• Alico Life Insurance Exposure correspondent to plan Face amount (Face amount is clear as DPS Super annual premium times the plan's words)
• twice the benefit because of accidental Death (AD) and unintended term & whole Disability (PTD) as a result a comprehensive report of 3 times the Face amount in cases of AD. In the event of unplanned Dismemberment the extra chance advantage can reach up to 2 times the Face amount depending on the type and quantity of beating
3 - DPS Super - Bronze Politics
This Plan gives you an opportunity -
• beautiful adulthood Deposit to meet your financial preparation requests
• death benefit equal to the ratio value or premiums paid to the fundamental policy is either elevated
• incidental benefit, where less than 2 times the facade volume (face amount is determined as DPS Super annual premium times the strategy expression) will be awarded on the occasion of accidental death or accidental eternal & all Disability (PTD). In the event of unplanned Dismemberment additional chance advantage can arrive up to 2 times the amount of functions depending on the nature and degree of turn
Policy information
lowest amounts Age: 18 years
highest Age: 54 years
lowest amount 5 years and maximum 20 years
Bangladesh Taka (BDT)
mugs in total (for all levels of DPS Super)
lowest amount: BDT 45,000
highest BDT 7,500,000
Premium Method
Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly
, Annual
Male and Female
lowest amount: Tk. 750 Monthly (Tk. 2,250 Quarterly, Tk. 4,500 Semi-Annual and TK. 9,000 Annual)
highest: Any amount will not result in Face amount exceeding Tk. 7,500,000
Further Merchandise Functions - appropriate for DPS Super Gold Plan only

additional contracts
serious illness from serious patron: CG will deliver swelling total refund equal to 100% or 50% of the Face amount (depending on your recording age & plan period & your alternate) in the glass enclosure of the sentence of the following 8 major disease
• Stroke
• Cancer (except skin cancer)
• First Heart Attack
• Coronary Artery Surgery
• Other severe coronary artery diseases
• heart valve surgery / Replacement
• Pulmonary arterial hypertension (primary)
• Benign Brain Tumor

Repeal of the finest caregivers defense proviso - Handicap: If you prove to be lasting and totally disabled due to disaster or state surrounded by age sixty (60) years, you will not be compulsory to pay fine for lingering period during action and auxiliary contracts. MetLife Alico will pay all premiums on your behalf. You will be allowed to accept any exposure and adulthood charge.
termination age further contracts
60 years
Interminable characteristic
serious illness and waiver of premium exposure can not be canceled by the insured for the duration of the first 2 years from the plan's successful time.
coming up episode
serious ill-health treatment will begin after the completion of 180 days after the extra field trips helpful Date or the last treatment start time, either shortly.
To be eligible for waiver of the top benefit is a disability is to extend one after the other for a period of at least 6 (six) months

Alico Life insurance is the best in the world.


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