Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alico Income Growth Plan

Alico Income Insurance

Alico has a large number of plan. For example, children insurance, health insurance, pension insurance, life and accident. Revenue growth in terms of one of them.

a number of the most excellent things in life are not always open and just can cost quite a bit - be it your daughter's wedding or a house viewing of your departure, no matter what your aspirations for perspective, the Growth Plan benefits can help you achieve them - with the salary compensation that you can face the potential not only with self-insurance, but with your imagination in mind.

Product Overview
• A scheme that combines the exclusive defense and reserves
• Offer you an idiom highest premium refund of up to 30 years in this way charity the flexibility to choose some fantasy payments to your budget requirements
• The picture is tearing in two phases. The first phase is a period of seven years, then begins the second phase (from the 8th year) and includes the relaxation of the sentence.
• through the first seven years of your investments build and produce and the end of the seventh year a bonus is affirmed. This bonus could be up to 40% of the cash price of your diagram.
• In the second phase, the spot price and bonuses are transferred to the speculation explanation and defense (IAP)
• from the eighth year beyond, the plan proposes a flexible range of options such as changes to the amount of the premium, insurance processing, etc., the subject of policy reserves and circumstances.
• adult earnings: On adults, the policyholder may also withdraw from the account (IPA) the price or exchange it in a retirement fund for life.
• like all policies of life additional premiums paid are tax-deductible expense (subject to the tax laws and regulations)
• the expansion of profits also provides individual accident reports in the case of your death, disability or damage due to the disaster.
Personal Accident
If you meet the criteria for the treatment of accidents, this diagram also provides additional reimbursement later in case of your death, disability or injury caused by disasters in the time of payment of premiums. Personal accident coverage provides coverage of over Tk.20, 00000 and the balanced amount mentioned below:
A. accidental fall benefit: 100% of the FA
B. Disability benefits are eternal: 100% of the FA
C. incomplete life impossible for the following losses:
• Both hands or feet or eyes Curiosities: 100% of the FA
• one hand and one foot: 100% of the FA
• Furthermore Hand / Foot and sight in one eye: 100% of the FA
• examination of both ears 100% of AF
• Language: 100% of the FA
• In addition hand or foot: 50% of FA
• The display of one eye: 50% of FA
• the fingers and thumb directory: 25% of FA
D. balance operating cost reimbursement Max: 15% of FA

produce specific
Minimum age of 90 days and a maximum age of 60 years
The Bangladesh Taka (BDT)
amount of functionality
Minimum and maximum 100 000 BDT BDT 7500000
smaller amount (excluding riders) 10 000 BDT (adult) and lowest amount BDT 7500 (Juvenile)
Man and Woman

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