Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alico Credit Card Insurance

Credit Card Insurance

Here I will discuss Alico Bangladesh Products.

Alico Life credit insurance explanation is a promotion chief, not only unpaid for the exposure it provides, but also due to the inclusive set of remuneration, the supply to the strategy, the owner and the insured.
The subsequent facial appearance set our solutions apart from those available to our competitors:
First Alico suggest sky-high levels of insurance fur on credit outstanding
Second They make a payout of 100% of the wonderful volume on the occasion of the card holder's death or if the card owner suffers a PTD.
Third Metlife Alico can arrange to pay a different amount of coverage for death or PTD paid to an illness or accidental injury
policy Details
Their solutions are specially made to fit your needs and can cover the following:
• Death due to any reason
• Stable Total disability due to accident or illness
a couple of credit card holders in the bank or financial organization, linking the age of 18 and 65
Health rationing
reimbursement method
Prizes are awarded on a monthly basis.

You will find joy in a high degree of service, together with relevant requirements completion.
Alico Is the Multinational Insurance company.

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