Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lifeline Pension Insurance Plan

Alico Pension Insurance

what time you worked all your life inflexible - you'll want to create doubt that you will enjoy your retirement? Our permanent pension insurance plan how to help make confident that you will find the majority of the work out of your free year. All you have to do is inform us when you want to retire and this result you feel you might need. We can help you create your retirement move imaginations accurate for you.

Details of insurance
• Gives you a fund merger and defense
• You may prefer a plan that has a repayment term of up connection 10 and 20 years
• the ability to leave the face of the total length of any bonus earned any time after the end of the stage to pay better
• You can start receiving the retirement allowance, 1 year after the completion of stage payment of premiums
• You may decide to restructure the repayment of pension and leave the annual benefit with MetLife Alico to run auxiliary
• This reimbursement will be to maintain annual pension out of bed at the age of 100
• We offer a smaller amount guaranteed return of 4% to the alternative of taking delivery of an overload for the year of speculation performs better than expected
• In the password of your untimely death, the ones we accept the advantage enjoyed full face amount accumulated an additional benefit.
• like all the other methods, the premiums are tax deductible benefits paid (area under the discussion of the tax laws and regulations established)
• This device also offers protection against disaster that ensures individual economic expectations of your loved appreciated in a case of your grief, disability or injury due to calamities
individual exposure accident
If you meet the criteria of accidental exposure, this preparation also allows subsequent additional reimbursement in case of death, disability or injury due to accident within the quality of pay. Personal accident cover provides maximum coverage of Tk.20, 00000 impartial and quantity mentioned in:
Enjoy A. Accidental Death: 100% of the FA
B. sustainable advantage friendliness sum: 100% of the FA
C. eternal usability for people with incomplete higher:
• each hand or foot or eye sights: 100% of the FA
• one hand and foot simplest 100% of the FA
• Furthermore Hand / Foot, and the prospect of an eye: 100% of the FA
• examination of both ears 100% of AF
• Language: 100% of the FA
• In addition hand or foot: 50% of FA
• View of one eye: 50% of FA
• the fingers and thumb directory: 25% of FA
D. Health costs of operating the maximum reward: 15% of FA

Product details
Minimum age: 90 Days
Maximum age: 55 years
10 to 20 years
The Bangladesh Taka (BDT)
Amount of capacity
100,000 BDT lowest amount
more BDT 75000000
Man and Woman

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