Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alico Life Style & Tuition defender Insurance

Alico Education Insurance

from a growing awareness of pay life insurance praise, customers being purchased aggressive harvesting that provide defense against amounts outstanding loans, mortgages, home loans.
At present, customers who keep the value to defend their loans and mortgages and can use the campaign to meet operating expenses such as costs to hire, train, tuition bills or fixed services .
Political life of Alico Life Fashion & advocate of education are provided or tradition ready to help your client to defend its way of life. The major aspect of the face of this article for use includes:
1. The ability to change the goods to cast a variety of expenses that the client generally done on a day beginning at day bills such as energy and water, free education, location, cell phone bills, etc. Food
2. The ability to connect with a profit arrangement allowing the customer to decide which one is suitable for most applications and its excellent financial statement
3. The ability to offer high amounts of exposure
4. insurance issue - This invention can be delivered to the buyer diagonally offset or without corrective action requirements of certification extended.
5. Affordable price among the small loads
characteristics of the goods
Our solutions are tailored to your needs and suits may face more:
• Deaths due to any reason,
• Disability eternal entire unpaid amount of a disease or disaster
each customer of the bank or the economic organization, linking the ages of 18 and 65
medicinal needs
Disbursement methods
Premiums may be paid on a multiplicity of modes. The customer can opt for monthly, quarterly bonus, biannual or annual basis and a single premium for a flat occupation of the exhibition.
You will enjoy a height of the outbreak of the piece, together with the relevant claims

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