Sunday, November 6, 2011

See Alico History

The Past Alico

Alico-the full name of the company is a life insurance company Alico. Basically this a multinational insurance company

Recognized in the previous East Pakistan in 1952, they were the primary and the company are so far apart is born to be approved certificate to suggest life and accident insurance in the state, which is quite large and a unique responsibility we do our finest to be positive in this world.

When they have secured one million policyholders in Bangladesh and beyond fifty-seven years they have be very opportunity to listen to the small group of people and increase our contribution to the needs of people .

Alico Bangladesh knows that there is reached depends on the victory of the limited group of people. Consequently, they have consistently completed there is the most excellent care for the capacity, at the same time that the profession with government and partners to build a well-built structure in the region of authoritarian insurance segment - it are so customers have a very good defense the most. They believe in the assortment and create sure to reach citizens of all backgrounds to be.

Alico is the company's largest life insurance and trustable in Bangladesh.


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